‘Out of the Darkness and into the Light’ and Balloon Release

Families, Friends and groups effected by Suicide are invited to join us on Saturday the 10th of September World Suicide Awareness day….to walk to Belfast City Hall.

Families, Friends and groups will gather on 10th Sept 2011 at the Niamh Louise Foundation Head Office Coalisland where we will start our journey by bus. Bring along a torch or candles. We will then meet with PIPS at the top of Estorial Park, Ardoyne. Alternatively you can join the walk from various points across Belfast and walk to City Hall arriving @ 6.00AM where everyone will meet for a service of reflection and hope.

(Transport will be provided for those with mobility difficulties.)

The bus will then return to the Niamh Louise Foundation Coalisland where tea, coffee and scones will be provided followed by a balloon release remembering our loved ones who have died by suicide.

If this is something you would be interested in or would like to find out more information please contact the Niamh Louise Foundation on (028) 87740354 or email info@niamhlouisefoundation​.com.

(Bus is free of charge)

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