Scally Rally Fundraising Event

This year a group of friends from your area are planning to take part in the‘ScallyRally’ in August to raise money for a local charity the Niamh Louise Foundation which supports families bereaved by suicide, and works to raise awareness of the issue of suicide in our communities and the devastating effects of this. This charity has been personally chosen as they have been a great support to me and my family following the death of my brother three years ago.

Through our very personal loss we have come to realise how many families have been touched by suicide and how devastating this is for the families, friends and communities. Northern Ireland has the highest suicide rate within the UK and this is on the increase. We hope to not only raise money for the Niamh Louise Foundation, but also show our support to those affected by suicide through raising awareness of this issue and raising the profile of this charity. The Scally Rally takes place in August, starting in Belfast (N.I) and finishing in Kinsale (R.O.I), covering almost 1000 miles over a 4 day period. It is a fun event with the rules stating that the vehicles involved must have cost no more than £100, (excluding costs of making it road worthy), and the Rally itself takes the form of a treasure hunt.

We are planning to take part in the Rally in our 1989 Dennis Fire Engine. The Scally Rally organisers have given their full support to our plans. Over the next 4 months we plan to visit as many places in the Fire Engine as we can including: schools, shopping centres, community centres and various towns throughout Northern Ireland. We have replaced the siren with a microphone and have made and attached a secure donation/collection bucket on the side of the fire engine for donations to be made. As we are hoping to raise as much money as possible for the Niamh Louise Foundation we are writing to local businesses requesting sponsorship and support.

Currently Saltmarine have sponsored us and purchased the Fire Engine. We are also able to keep the Fire Engine in a prominent place within their premises and therefore raise awareness of our plans to take part in the Scally Rally and begin raising money immediately. As the event is over 4 days and covers over 1,500 miles, (including the return journey home), we would be very grateful for any additional sponsorship or gifts made to cover our overheads including the substantial amount of Diesel needed for the trip. We have made the commitment that all money received as donations will be going directly to Niamh Louise Foundation. We therefore would be extremely grateful if you could consider sponsoring us and funding some of our overhead costs. We would be delighted to advertise all our sponsors by placing their logos on the fire engine and we will off course be mentioning local sponsorship and support through the various media events due to take place over the next 4 months and during the Scally Rally.

Any support in terms of sponsorship or donations to the Niamh Louise Foundation would be greatly appreciated and we look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions or would like to discuss possible sponsorship or support please contact Mark Stewart on 07746711060.

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