2 Late Movie

2Late is a short anti-bullying film aimed at raising suicide awareness. The film is by young people, for young people and has been written, directed and produced by a group mostly still attending Southern Regional College and Queen’s University Belfast.

All the actors (mainly from local schools and colleges), crew and production team volunteered their skills and services to the making of 2Late.  Many have suffered firsthand experience of bullying and sadly some have family members or close friends who have taken their own lives.  However all involved in the making of the film wanted to bring the issues and consequences of bullying into the public domain and try to make a difference.

The film was premiered on September 27th in the Armagh City Hotel and had a powerful effect on all in attendance. The Niamh Louise Foundation are delighted to support the film and were available on the night for questions and answers and to support anyone who was affected by what was shown. We look forward to seeing how the project develops and would like to congratulate the team involved for their foresight, their sensitivity, and their understanding in producing such a piece of work.

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