Meet Our Empowering Young Minds Advocates

Meet Our Empowering Young Minds Advocates

Empowering Young Minds Advocates

Having thoughts of suicide and/or self harm, or being bereaved by suicide, can often leave an individual so vulnerable and at risk that their needs and voice can often go unheard and can sometimes mean its even harder to have opinions and ideas taken seriously by others. When a young person feels unheard by family, community, health and social care professions this can add to their emotional distress and for young families bereaved it can heighten their grief and delay recovery.

Through the Empowering Young Minds programme the Niamh Louise Foundation is now able to offer our children and young people an opportunity to train to become an advocate to help their peers now and in the future.

We are delighted to announce we have recently trained a group of 14 advocates under 25, who are now trained to signpost those they are worried abot to the appropriate help, while also promoting our Empowering Young Minds Programme and the foundation.

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