A tailored care-package to support young people aged 8 – 25 in emotional distress, or with thoughts of suicide and or self harm,  or who have been bereaved by suicide, and help them to heal and recover while developing life skills and building self-esteem & resilience.

Any young person aged 8-25 in emotional distress, experiencing thoughts of suicide and or self-harm, or who has been bereaved by suicide.

A facilitated eight week interactive group programme; exploring how the mind works and how emotions affect our daily living.

The design of individual self-care plans for each young person, identifying their own emotional needs & coping mechanisms to reduce their emotional distress.

One-to-one therapy sessions supporting all participants on the programme to further aid their healing and recovery.

The design and production of a Suicide Prevention First Aid Kit for other young people and the wider community.

The development of a storybook on children’s emotions as a lasting educational resource.

To de-escalate participants thoughts of suicide and or self-harm.

To help improve education and understanding of suicidal & self-harming behaviour and emotional and mental health and ill-health.

To improve the quality of life, confidence, and resilience of the participants.

To help the participants to feel more able to connect with people around them and/or be more actively involved in their communities.

To give the participants the confidence, self-esteem & coping skills to get involved in education, work, and socialising with their peers.

I learnt loads of different things like how to cope with emotions, different things I can do to feel better, and how our minds work.”

It’s really helped me to cope with my emotions and to cope with my trauma.

It’s really helped me to cope with my emotions and to cope with my trauma.”

I enjoyed sharing what I was feeling and listening to feelings I never even knew existed.

It is very important to know that they can talk to someone and there is always somewhere to help them. It is important to know that mental health is an important as physical health.