Myth: People who are suicidal want to die.

Most people who are suicidal don’t want to die, they just want to end their pain.

Myth: People who talk about suicide are just trying to get attention and are least likely to attempt to.

People who complete suicide usually talk about it first. Opening up the chance to talk about suicide can lead to healing and recovery for the individual.

Myth: Only the clinically depressed make serious suicide attempts.

People are at risk suffering from other forms of psychiatric illness and emotional distress.

Myth: If someone is suicidal they will not tell anyone and prepare well in advance.

Many suicides are completed on impulse.

Myth: A good pumping out in casualty will teach those who make silly gestures a lesson they won't forget. Those with personality disorders attempt suicide to manipulate others.

Many a patient is alienated and an ideal opportunity for therapeutic intervention missed because of the reception they receive in some emergency departments.